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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

While we may not be doing anything extraordinary to celebrate Earth Day this year, we are considering the ways in which we can renew our commitment to protecting this great planet we call home. As a triple bottom line company, we have pledged to consider the environmental impact of everything we do. No easy task in real estate, with all the necessary driving, paperwork, computer time and so on!

In addition to having a small, central office with eco-friendly finishes and energy-efficient fixtures we have found a number of other ways in which we can make a difference, including:

1] working from our home offices to minimize driving
2] buying 100% recycled paper office supplies from the locally-owned Sustainable Group
3] storing transaction files digitally
4] requesting digital versus printed reports from title, escrow and inspection companies
5] hosting our website and email with, which is completely solar powered
6] composting, recycling and reusing
7] helping our clients “green up” their homes
8] volunteering with local organizations who promote green building and sustainable community development
9] partnering with local companies that share our values

There is obviously much more we could be doing! So today, we formerly renew our commitment to actively researching environmentally-friendly business practices and promoting healthy living. One of the best ways we have found to accomplish this of course, is to continually keep learning, whether it’s through conversations with other like-minded professionals or educational classes. So, out into the community we go again, to explore, learn and make new friends, and hopefully we’ll see you along the way.

Happy Earth Day!

– Danielle, Eva & Cally

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