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Having Fun with Flickr!

July 12, 2009

When I first started taking digital photos I decided to join the online photo sharing community of Flickr. I knew there were many ways to share images on the internet, but I was specifically looking for an active online community, and Flickr is where I found it. Not only could I organize my images in sets, I could assign them a plethora of tags, give them descriptions of any length and then send them off to groups by genre for public viewing.

The Barrel Cluster by Gemma Grace

The Barrel Cluster by Gemma Grace

One of my dozen or so Flickr ‘Faves’. Recycled whiskey barrel homes in the Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage in Scotland. I’ve been there and so has Flickrite Gemma Grace who took this photo and others like it. Talk about an interesting connection!

To date I have 1,388 images on Flickr and they’ve been viewed 31,475 times. I have joined over 20 groups with themes that range from the obvious, like Green Buildings + Sustainable Communities, to the relatively obscure Ephemeral Creation and No Rules! Seattle. You name it and there’s probably a Flickr group for it. I’ve also started 5 of my own groups, the most active thus far being Green Homes & Prefabs, with 256 members, and Green Roofs & Living Walls, with 261 members. The later being where I found this next personal favorite!

Goat on the Roof by bods

Goat on the Roof by bods

Needless to say, the next obvious step was to get Infiniti RED a Flickr account and start uploading images of our listings. Why not gain exposure for Case Design’s Columbia City Green Project in groups like  (you guessed it!) ‘Columbia City Seattle’,  ‘Seattle Dwellings’ and the ‘Sustainable Modern Dwellings’? Not only do people view these images, they comment on them, ask questions, and bookmark them as one of their “Favorites”. Now, Infiniti Red can also join other Flickerites like EcoMetro, Sustainable Seattle, Jetson Green and Method Homes in actively promoting green building, living and playing! Now that’s social networking!

– Danielle Johnson

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